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There are many ways to accomplish one objective. When your resources reach globally, across language barriers, time zones, and legal jurisdictions, you can innovate. We deliver innovative solutions to your objectives by utilizing avenues that aren't immediately obvious.


Most of our clients use material sources from Japan, Switzerland, USA, and China. They source consumables and hardware for medical, industrial, manufacturing, media, scientific, defense, food processing, garment making, and high tech verticals. We specialize in offering same or higher quality products from Korea, Portugal, Vietnam, and Argentina.


International project management poses unusual risks. We mitigate those risks as your outsourced agents and overseas project partner. We staff all of our off-shore projects with the most experienced local experts. So even if you have a local branch, try us.

International Projects

Short Term Projects

For short term projects like multi stake holder research projects, international conferences, events, international proof of concept demonstrations, and RFP response presentations, our team can be your asset. We have experience delivering short term end to end solutions and results for IBM, Apple, Google, Nike, University of California at Stanford, Burberry, and more.

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Alternative Sourcing for High Cost & Volume Consumables

For manufacturers, every penny counts. This is true in electronics, automotive, health & medical, consumer CPG, and any other industry because of the narrow margins required to earn market share. We understand that. For almost any consumable chemical, lubricant, solvent, pump, part, gasket, seal, fitting, food, and more, you can find a similar or better quality product in alternate markets like Korea, Vietnam, Argentina, or Spain.


What Can We Help You Accomplish?